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free html editor

Free HTML Editor: Best for 2022

What is HTML coding? The process of creating web pages consisted of a series of codes that the end-user can’t see is called HTML coding. HTML is a programming language

what is html file

What is HTML File: Key Facts with Example

What is HTML HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and it’s a standard markup language that tells the web browsers how to display text, links, images and other kinds of

Software as a service abbreviation showing on a screen with cloud-based software elements

Software On Demand: Everything You Need To Know

What does software on demand mean? Software on demand or Saas allows end-users to simply access the software through an internet browser, without any hassle around downloads and installations. You can

php seo friendly url function

SEO Friendly URL in PHP

What is PHP? PHP acronym stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.  This scripting language that is embedded in HTML is open-source, general-purpose, and widely used.  Programmers use it for website development, with

Big red angle brackets with forward slash between. Insinuating enclosing of a code of some type.

History of HTML [Explained 2022]

What is HTML HTML is the standard markup language and its use is to create most web pages and web applications. HTML acronym stands for HyperText Markup Language. This is