TikTok vs Youtube: Everything you need to know [2023 Update]

tiktok vs youtube

Interest in social media has been growing rapidly only in the last few years, and nowadays we have access to so many platforms that are intended for various groups of people and different purposes. Yet, some social platforms still take the lead over others, while on the other hand, the web environment also offers space for younger social networks to show off and seduce the hearts of the audience.

Tikok vs Youtube: TikTok is more popular among younger generations, while YouTube is used by a more diverse audience. Youtube is considered one of the most significant platforms since it appeared. Its leadership lasted for a very long time, until the famous TikTok was born, which suddenly gained popularity and interested a large number of users around the world. Whether TikTok surpassed Youtube or the eternal leader does not give up, you will find out below.

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About Youtube

Youtube is a video platform launched almost 18 years ago. Time flies, right? It was created as a digital space where people can watch shorter or longer videos. Due to the strength and Internet speed at the time, the possibilities of YouTube were not great, and the newer generations probably can’t even imagine how everything worked back in 2005. Over time, Youtube has taken on all the characteristics of a social platform on which you can watch, like, share and also post personal content. YouTube quickly became popular and took the place of the second most visited website, right after Google.

YouTube Interesting Facts

  1.   First of all, numerous videos, related to every possible topic, are available and they can be accessed in just a few clicks. In this way, the interests of all age groups are covered and rarely any social network has succeeded in that.
  2.   Unless you want a premium version, Youtube is free and available in all application stores.
  3.   You can use Youtube either via browser or you can download an app.
  4.   It’s excellently connected to other social media, which makes it easier to use.
  5.   Unlike other online platforms, you don’t need to sign in to be able to watch content.
  6.   Censoring inappropriate content is ensured by a certain mechanism. If you notice some critical content, you can flag it. After that, YouTube checks it and quickly solves the problem.
  7.   Cyberbullying can be suppressed by disabling comments or blocking/reporting users. Also, there are options such as “parental control” or “safety mode”.

About TikTok

TikTok, on the other hand, is a social platform for shorter video material, launched in 2016. The content of the TikTok videos is mostly based on jokes, tricks, hacks, lipsyncing and dance trends. Although different age groups use TikTok, the younger generations are most interested in following and sharing content. This is the place where people can express their creativity in different ways through short and simple content. Like on any other social platform, the concept is based on following, so you can follow accounts you like, and also, you can be followed by people who are interested in your content.

Why is TikTok so popular?

  1.   TikTok algorithm works by tracking videos you follow and like the most and offers you exactly what you’re interested in.
  2.   It’s very simple to use, there are just a few pages to track, the whole concept is casual and every option is marked which makes TikTok very attractive.
  3.   Many people share their life stories, which makes it easier to connect with others, thus expanding the network of followers and users.
  4.   TikTok offers a lot of interesting video/audio effects and transitions, which makes this social platform creative and exciting to use, especially for teenagers.
  5.   TikTok is also connected with other social media, so you can easily share content via WhatsApp, Viber or other platforms.
  6.   There is a block option to prevent harassment and cyberbullying.

Difference between TikTok and Youtube

 There are a few differences between TikTok and Youtube and we can split them into several sections:

  1. Video length – First of all, one of the crucial differences is the duration of the video material. While on TikTok the video can only last up to 3 minutes, on Youtube it can last for even 2 hours.
  2. Content – TikTok content is mostly based on jokes, dance trends and other informative content. On the other hand, YouTube content is wide-ranging. Although TikTok content has been expanding lately, and you can also find topics from business to fashion on this platform, it still propagates entertaining content much more than YouTube.
  3. Messaging – TikTok does have the messaging option and Youtube doesn’t.
  4. Audience – While TikTok is more popular among younger generations, YouTube is used by a more diverse audience.
  5. Monetization – YouTubers are paid based on advertisements, while TikTokers get paid based on engagement, number of views and respect for TikTok community guidelines and terms.

TikTok vs YouTube: Earnings

Google is the largest platform for paid advertising, so YouTube as a part of Google earns the most from advertisements. Although the paid premium version of YouTube was recently launched, it still makes most of the advertising. In 2019, YouTube earned 15 billion dollars. However, an even more fascinating fact is that from 2017 to 2019, in just two years, YouTube’s earnings doubled!

For TikTok, the total revenue for 2019 was 150 million dollars, which is significantly less than Youtube. However, it should be taken into account the fact that TikTok is a much younger platform than YouTube.

TikTok vs. Youtube: Numbers

Did you know that every month, Youtube has twice as many users as TikTok? That’s a staggering number which is very hard to achieve, you’ll agree, right? However, it is assumed that Youtube usage will grow by 1.5%, while TikTok will rise by around 13%. So even though Youtube is the leading video platform, some credit must be given to TikTok which is growing and spreading rapidly.

As for the use of these platforms monthly, the differences are no longer so great either in the group of teenagers or in the group of little bit older users. It is assumed that in the group of American teenagers, 88% will use Youtube and 65% will use Tiktok this year. If we’re talking about a bit older users, this percentage gap is even smaller (85%:74%).

Also, it is assumed that by 2025 the number of TikTok users will grow so much, that it will almost equal the number of Youtube users.

TikTok vs. Youtube: Quality of Content

When it comes to the quality of the video content, Youtube offers videos on various topics, so everyone can find what interests them. Also, the absence of limited watching and longer videos can attract an audience that values ​​“live picture” more and spends a lot of time watching videos, both for their profession or work knowledge and also for leisure.

On the other hand, shorter videos are more attractive to teenagers because of their limited attention span and less willingness to focus on watching a video. The leaders of TikTok have done a great job creating a platform that is aimed at a certain age group. Targeting a specific audience by offering them options they like, Tiktok’s marketing strategy has done a great job. Because of this, the usage of TikTok has rapidly grown and even greater achievements are expected. If you have good content but your TikTok have 0 views, there might be some issue you should resolve.

TikTok vs Youtube: Advertising

Considering the length of the video, TikTok ads aren’t that developed and do not appear in the videos themselves on this platform. On the other hand, YouTube offers several advertising options depending on the type and length of the ad. Also, by now you must’ve had the opportunity to see that some ads on YouTube can be skipped after the first few seconds, while some need to be watched to the end to access the searched video.

Also, YouTube ads can appear at the beginning, during, or at the end of the video. In addition, they can be displayed one after the other. All these features of Youtube ads mostly drive users insane and spoil their experience on Youtube. Therefore, in this aspect, TikTok is a more convenient social network.

Youtuber vs. Tiktoker

With the breakthrough of social media as one of the main communication channels, a lot has changed compared to the former lifestyle. The emergence of new professions, such as social media engagement, follows the trends that are set every day. YouTubers as a profession appeared before TikTokers, given that YouTube is an older social network. However, it’s been noticed that YouTubers have also started posting their content on TikTok in a shorter format. Virality is much higher on TikTok compared to Youtube, and this advantage is also recognized by those who have built their careers on other platforms.

That’s why the number of TikTok users is growing fast day by day. Youtube and TikTok as a profession have become very popular, which is why more and more young people decide to try themselves in the digital world. Some have made a serious business out of social media and sharing segments of their lives with followers. “Easy money” and creative work sound very attractive and glamorous, however, in addition to many advantages, there are also disadvantages, so you should take into account how far you would go if you want to do this kind of job.


YouTube is one of the first associations when it comes to social media and video content. On the other hand, TikTok has quickly started progressing and charming users all over the world. Although they still can’t compete considering the statistics and the numbers they achieved so far, it is assumed that TikTok will stay in the digital environment for a long time and will achieve incredible results very soon.

In summary, both social platforms have their advantages and are recognized as excellent tools for business and entertainment. Well, guess what… Sometimes you don’t have to pick a favorite, just get the best of both worlds!