HTML file opener: Which one to choose in 2023?

html file opener

The basics of programming require some knowledge which is needed for manipulating web content. Even beginners should be familiar with certain concepts, so they can be able to overcome more difficult challenges. A large number of websites and any kind of web documents are often based on HTML – HyperText Markup Language. It is a set of rules that determine the structure of a web page or web document.

Basically, HTML represents lines of codes that are behind what the end-user can actually see. HTML is not easy to be written and it can be pretty challenging if you want to build a page or maybe even an app. Of course, if you have the appropriate guidelines, understanding HTML and its concepts can be easier. First of all, you should know that every browser can open an HTML file and display the content user searched for. But, if you want to explore and edit the “behind the scene“ of the HTML file, there are a few useful things you should understand before choosing the most suitable HTML file opener.

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What is HTML file opener used for?

There are plenty of programs made to open and edit HTML files. Some of them are free and some of them need to be bought if you want to use their features like Adobe Dreamweaver. HTML file opener is a tool designed to detect and fix code cracks or errors. The great thing about such programs is they usually work on a split-screen. This feature offers insight into web codes, while on the other hand, they show what the final product will look like for the end-user.

Interestingly, even Windows Notepad can be used for editing HTML files! However, because of its poor possibilities, it is better to use editors that are designed specifically for opening and editing this kind of file.

HTML reader

HTML reader or viewer is a program for broken code detection. This means that the developer or whoever’s creating a website, web page, or document, can fix the problem before the final product (HTML file) goes live. It’s completely normal for mistakes to happen, so an HTML reader is great for identifying problems. We’re representing the four most popular HTML viewers:

  1.   Phase 5 HTML editor – great Windows HTML viewer that supports several programming languages. Besides HTML, it can operate with Java, JavaScript, PHP, etc. The advantages of this program make it attractive and easy to use. Phase 5 has a very clear interface and can easily switch from one document to another.
  2.   Sublime Text 4 – this is the newest version of the Sublime Text editor that has been improved over previous ones. There are new features and possibilities like dark mode auto-detection and GPU acceleration.
  3.   Komodo Edit – besides great features and multi-languages purpose, Komodo Edit is a free editor and you don’t need to worry about payments while using it.
  4.   CoffeeCup – this one is also a free reader and editor and it offers a lot of editing options you can use in real-time.

HTML file opener

HTML file opener or viewer allows you to reach and open HTML files and their codes. As mentioned, some viewers and editors are free and some aren’t, but it’s for the best to find something that matches your needs. So, before you choose an HTML file opener, think about what you expect from it and then decide if a free one is enough for you or if it’s worth investing in a paid one.

There are several useful features of HTML file viewer you need to know about:

  1.   Broken codes and other mistakes can be detected by the HTML file opener, so developers or web designers could fix the problem.
  2.   HTML file viewers usually have a pre-written code option, so developers or designers don’t need to write certain lines over again.
  3.   Sometimes, HTML file openers offer features that can make it easier for designers to work, especially beginners. For example, highlighting features or website templates. These are great options for beginners, but also easier and more simple ways of developing even for professionals.

HTML Viewer online

Besides programming language editors you need to buy or download on your computer, there are online versions you can use via browser. HTML online viewer is a great online tool for detecting broken codes before your HTML file goes live. And you don’t need to worry about security because your code is safe! So, instead of downloading or buying some HTML editor, you can access an online version. These are some of them:

  1. Code Beautify
  2.   JSON Formatter
  3.  Go Online Tools

Advantages of HTML editor

A lot of programming options, especially when it comes to the latest versions of HTML editors, make it easier to work with them. So far, we have listed the most important features of HTML. Here are some main advantages of different HTML editors you should know about:

  • Atom has a single interface, so you can write or edit code side by side. This is a great editor for developers because it offers interaction and sharing codes. Atom is a convenient program, very easy to download and use.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC is a closed-source editor, but great for web design that includes different layers and colors. It can work as a “What you see is what you get” editor and on the other hand, it can also work without visual guidelines. The best advantage of Adobe Dreamweaver CC editor is building web pages and other documents that can fit on any kind of screen! Great, right?
  • Visual Studio Code by Microsoft is an open-source tool that can fix code bugs and offer previews in real-time. The most significant option is an interactive debugger with which it’s possible to debug breaks and mistakes on the console. Visual Studio Code editor has a customizable workspace. If you want to add a new language or some other feature, you just need to add an extension.

Main types of HTML editors: Textual vs WYSIWYG editor

  1.   Textual HTML Editor – this type of editor is a bit challenging because it requires excellent code knowledge and writing. The code in the final form looks the same as in the written one.
  2.   WYSIWYG HTML Editor – this is something different and it means „What you see is what you get“. The developer or designer can see the preview of what it’s going to be displayed on the web browser and what the end-user will see. This type of HTML editor is easier and better to use because you immediately have an insight into the final product.

HTML viewer on android

If you’re not by your PC at the moment, guess what… You can use your mobile phone to open, view and edit an HTML file. You can use a text editor application or HTML viewer app for android. This kind of app you can find and download from your Google Play Store. It is really easy to use and besides code editing, you can also see the website view.

HTML reader/viewer is a great application for opening and viewing codes and it can manage up to 20k lines of codes. The thing is you can’t edit HTML files on a mobile phone, but you can easily open and view codes.

Besides mentioned Android HTML viewer, one of the best and most popular editors is anWriter. It allows you to edit source code and it can operate with several different programming languages, not only HTML.

When you get tired of phone HTML editing and you don’t need it anymore, you can just delete the app. Simple as that!

Chrome HTML viewer

If you want to see HTML codes in Chrome, there is a simple way to do that:

  1.   Go to the web page you want to check.
  2.   Right-click the page.
  3.   Click on the option View page source (or press command Ctrl+U)

The codes behind that page will be open in the new tab, so you can check it out.

If you’re a developer or web designer and you need to work on some codes or fix a certain problem, you should choose HTML editor programs. However, opening HTML over Chrome is the easiest and fastest way to get an insight into “the story behind the scene”.


Knowledge of HTML language is the programming basics necessary for the construction of websites and online content. For anyone who wants to learn to develop, HTML concepts are needed for understanding more complex tasks. In addition to the encoding itself, it is very important to know the ways to access the HTML source codes. This post presents some platforms intended for opening, viewing and editing HTML files. While some HTML programs are completely free or can be accessed through a browser, some of them must be purchased, so consider your own needs and decide on the appropriate type of HTML editor.