What is HTML File? (Key Points)

what is html file

HTML file is a text file with .html or .htm extension made of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), used for creating web pages and web applications.

There is a big difference between different types of files. Content for different file extensions can be completely different. Some of these files are more basic than others and can be opened easily from any device in just one or two clicks. But some of these files, like HTML files, are specific and unique. If you received an HTML file and you didn’t have the need for it before, you must be wondering what is HTML file.

If you just started learning about programming, or if you have some task where you need open this kind of file, this article will tell you everything you need to know about HTML files. You will learn about file content, how to open and see it, and even how you can create and use it.

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What is HTML?

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and it’s a standard markup language that tells web browsers how to display text, links, images, and other kinds of objects on a website. It was invented in CERN, Geneva, in late 1991 by a British scientist, Tim Berners-Lee.

What is HTML file used for?

HTML files are used for describing to the web browser what a web page should look like to the end-user. Developers are those that create and edit these types of files.

HTML file example

If you don’t have an HTML file but you need to find out what it looks like, you can download this HTML file example that will actually download a free website template from Start Bootstrap. The file that you need is named index and its extension is .html.

Below is an image of the HTML file so that you can see how it looks inside when open. This is just one section of the file.

what is html file

How To Open the HTML File

You can’t open this file with just any program on your computer. You need a program that will be able to read HyperText Markup Language. If you also need to edit the file, make sure to choose the solution that has an option for editing these documents as well.

You can open the HTML file in a few different ways:

  • With HTML code editors such as Microsoft Visual Studio Code or Adobe Dreamweaver
  • With basic text editors such as Apple TextEdit for Mac or Notepad++ for Microsoft
  • Use a Web Browser such as Google Chrome or Apple Safari browser on Mac and iPhone
  • If you want to open HTML file on iPhone, Android or other devices, you should get free HTML editor apps

Index File HTML

The index.html file name is the most commonly used name for the default or home page on a website. Each webpage on your website will be saved as a separate file and the index.html file is the one that is used for the website homepage.

How To Create HTML File

Now that you got to know what is HTML file and how you can use it, maybe you came to the point where you need to create it. To create an HTML file follow these steps:

  • Open a new blank document in your Notepad
  • Write your HTML code inside the Notepad text editor
  • Then save your file and you are done

How To Save HTML File

If you are looking for a solution on how to save HTML files, this is how you can do it:

  • Open your Notepad Text Editor
  • Select the File button from the main navigation bar
  • Click on the Save option
  • Choose the location where you want to save your file
  • Give this document a name with .html extension
  • And then finally click the Save button

How To Create HTML File on Mac

If you want to create HTML file on Mac this is how you can do it:

  • Open your TextEdit app and choose File > New > Make Plain Text
  • Write HTML code you want
  • Click on File > Save and then give a name for your file followed by the extension .html
  • Click on save button to save the file
  • When asked which extension to use, choose to use .html

Convert HTML File to PDF

If you want to convert HTML files to PDF you can use some of the free online tools meant for this, such as Sejda or Html2Pdf. This service is free, and doesn’t require registration or installation.


HTML file is a basic document that you should be familiar with if you decided to start learning programming. For any programmer beginner, understanding its purpose is one of the first things to figure out. While understanding this, you will be learning about basic HTML tags and other HTML elements. I’m sure that this guide gave you more clarity about files with HTML content, but if you still have some questions, please ask in the comments.