Open HTML File on iPhone (Easy Way)

open html file on iphone

If you are looking for a way to open HTML file on your iPhone mobile phone, we will share the proven and easiest method with you. While doing research on this topic, we tried many different solutions that we found online that didn’t actually work for us or they sound too complicated. Some suggestions didn’t have any sense and some of them just opened the file but it didn’t show the HTML code, it only showed a preview of the document.

The easiest way to open HTML file on your iPhone is to download free HTML editor app on your iPhone > install the app > open the app > upload the HTML file to the app from your iPhone > click on the file to open it and see the code. This way you can open the HTML file and also edit the HTML file.

iPhone will allow you to preview the document by default when you try to open it, but you will not actually see the code, it will just show the preview that will not actually show HTML.

Maybe you just want to check some code written by you or your colleague, or you even want to part of the code or edit it, but you only have access to your iPhone at that moment. In those situations getting straightforward information on how to do this is extremely valuable. In the following paragraphs, you will learn how to open an HTML file on iPhone easily and for free.

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What is HTML file?

HTML file is a type of file that contains HTML (HyperText Markup Language) which is used to tell web pages and web applications how to display text, images, hyperlinks, and other objects to the end-user. If this is the first time that you see an HTML file and you are not familiar with programming, you should know that you will see some code inside.

How To Open HTML File on iPhone

The easiest way to open HTML file on iPhone is to download free HTML editor app from your Apple store and then open the file with the app in just a few seconds. You will need less than a minute to download the HTML editor tool and install it. Then you just need to upload your HTML file to the app and open the file by clicking on it. 

The great advantage of this method is that it’s proven and that it will allow you to both view and edit the HTML file on your iPhone. You can choose some of the most popular free HTML editor apps for iPhone such as Koder Code Editor, HTML & HTML 5 Editor, Code Master, JavaScript Anywhere JSAnywhere or html+css+js app.

5 Free HTML Editor Apps To Open HTML file on iPhone

These are the 5 best free HTML code editor apps for opening HTML files:

  1. Koder Code Editor – one of the best HTML editor apps. Its advantage is that you can use it for more than 80 other programming languages. It’s easy to use and it has a simple design.Koder Code THTML Editor
  2. HTML & HTML 5 Editor – efficient and has many advanced tool. Maybe you will just need to open your HTML file from your iPhone, but you can consider it if you need to do some other tasks from your iPhone as well.HTML & HTML 5 Editor
  3. Code Master app – is also very popular and easy to use the app. If you have plans to do more than just HTML file checking, this is an app that you should consider. It supports more than 170 languages. It has an awesome website template builder that will allow you do your design faster.Code Master HTML editor
  4. JavaScript Anywhere JSAnywhere – is an app that you can use for writing not just HTML but also JavaScript and CSS. It is an HTML editor app that has been out there for some time and it’s considered to be reliable. It has a useful feature to export your files to Dropbox.JavaScript Anywhere JSAnywhere
  5. Html+css+js app – a great option to consider if you want to open HTML, CSS or JavaScipt files. But it also has a great help within the app that can help you to improve your programming knowledge and skills. It allows you to customize code font and size.Html+css+js

Can you code HTML on iPhone?

Yes, you can code HTML on iPhone. You just need an HTML editor app for iPhone. that has this option available. This is really useful as sometimes you need to urgently edit some part of your HTML file or create some new code on the go.


iPhone devices are so advanced that you can basically do anything that you need for your work from your phone. Many iPhone users are programmers or they work within web development companies and it can happen often that they need to see or edit some part of HTML file even when they are not in the office and next to their computer. There are many HTML editors available on the app store that can help you to open HTML file on iPhone in just a few steps. You just need to find HTML editor app that you find the most suitable for your needs, but any of these that we shared will work.