How Many Views is Viral: 2023 Facts

how many views is viral

The digital era in which we live brings many opportunities and benefits. We can agree that various online platforms offer a chance for creative expression and profiting from many sources of income via the Internet. Nowadays, Youtube, TikTok, and other social media can bring money, sometimes a lot of it. Earning in this way in most cases implies public performance and popularity. Sharing content on social networks has turned from a pure pastime into a serious business.

After all, we all use different online platforms, but not all of us are famous. Certain ways can help develop a brand or a name in the digital environment, and one of the most important measures is going viral. But what does it mean? And how many views is viral?

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What is a viral video?

 A viral video is a video that very quickly manages to reach a large number of people and become popular through social platforms such as Youtube or Tiktok. The content of viral videos can be humorous such as sketches or it can inform. What is almost always the rule is that a viral video targets an emotion, whatever it may be. Therefore, it does not leave indifferent, but intrigues and thus leaves a strong impression. Do you remember Gangnam style, an extremely popular song performed by PSY? This South Korean performer managed to achieve almost 4.5 billion views on YouTube with his catchy song and recognizable choreography which makes more than half of the total civilization on planet Earth. Pretty impressive, right? There is no specific recipe for achieving virality, it’s more about a few important elements that will be discussed later and of course, a little bit of luck.

What makes a viral video?

Any online platform that supports video content gives the video a chance to go viral. Also, everyone has a chance to make and share a viral video, but on the other hand, only a few stand out. As already said, it’s difficult to name the steps that lead to success for sure, but following certain elements can increase the chances of your video going viral.

  1.   Video duration – the human attention span lasts only a few seconds, which is why it’s so important to get to the point as quickly as possible. So, shorter and concise videos are more likely to go viral. Also, the length of the video depends very much on the social network on which it is placed. While videos that last only a few seconds fare best on TikTok, YouTube gives much longer videos a chance to go viral.
  2.   Point of the video – always keep in mind what the point of your video is and stick to it. If you want to make the audience laugh, make sure that your content causes it, and so on in every other case.
  3.   Relevance – make sure your video always follows the trends. That way, you ensure it will intrigue a larger group of people.
  4.   Connection – videos that people can relate to are usually going viral. The emotional component is very important if you want to touch the soul of the audience.
  5.   Consistency – if you don’t see the results you want, just don’t give up. While some people can achieve virality very quickly, sometimes it can be challenging. Just be persistent in what you do and believe in your mission.

What does viral mean?

Viral means reaching a large number of people very quickly. This is achieved by engaging the audience to like and share your content. A video that becomes interesting to a large group of people in a short amount of time is considered viral. However, sometimes even an old video can go viral later. The only thing that matters is that it spreads as much as possible and takes its place in the history of the digital era.

how many video views is viral

How many views is viral?

At least one million views are required for a video to be considered viral and that’s not even high-level virality. Also, this expansion must happen rapidly. While just a few years ago million views meant a lot, with the growth of social platforms this number has also increased. That’s why nowadays between 5 and 8 million are needed for video content to be extremely popular and viral. On the other hand, virality is relative and depends on social media.

How many views is viral on TikTok?

TikTok also has an unwritten rule of one million which leads to medium virality. However, if you reach about 5 million views in just a few days, you’ll become a TikTok star and gain a great advantage and a chance to make a business out of this social platform. But how can you do that?

          Be the first one to discover and use a specific sound. This is the way to start a TikTok trend.

          Find your way to stand out from the crowd. You don’t always have to be first, just different.

In some cases you can have issues with your videos on Tik Tok. We explained what to do when your TikTok have 0 views.

How many views is viral on Facebook?

In the Facebook context, virality refers to the activity audience takes when they see your content. Therefore, it’s not enough for people to see your content, but also to react to it by liking or sharing it. There is no specific number that needs to be reached, just focus on the results of virality and what it could bring you. If you promote your company’s services, the popularity of the post can bring important clients. Also, advertising is an essential step in achieving Facebook virality.

How many views is viral on IG?

On Instagram, content is considered viral if it reaches more than 100,000 likes and thousands of comments, while the account that posted it has significantly fewer followers. Instagram Reel is a very popular type of content, and considering that it’s video material, there is a greater chance that posts like this will become viral. Here’s how you can improve your Reels:

  1.   Follow current trends and your mission and create content accordingly.
  2.   Use descriptions on your Reels that include CTA (call to action).
  3.   Use hashtags that are related to your content.
  4.   Use trending sounds.
  5.   Interact with your audience constantly, especially while you’re going through the process of account development. Try to reply to every comment.
  6.   Promote your Reel content on your story and get others to share too.

How many views is viral on LinkedIn?

If we’re talking about LinkedIn, there is also no specific number that’s considered viral, but any content that reaches 100,000 views in two or three days, becomes popular on LinkedIn. This doesn’t happen by magic, and while the luck factor is important, certain tips can increase the chance of your content going viral:

  1.   Be persistent in posting. LinkedIn experts advise that content should be posted every business day, so roughly around 20 times a month.
  2.   Comment on other people’s content and your own. That’s how you encourage interaction with your connections and other LinkedIn users.
  3.   In the end, it all comes down to good content, so make sure you create quality content for your Linkedin profile. Also, avoid referring to other websites, because you don’t want to reduce your LinkedIn account traffic.

How many views is viral on Twitter?

On Twitter, a post is viral if it’s been retweeted thousands of times and you can achieve this in several ways:

  You can host a Twitter giveaway. People are generally interested in participating in giveaways, so this can be a great strategy.

        Don’t be shy to initiate the engagement yourself. Simply ask for retweets.

How to go viral?

As previously said, there is no recipe that guarantees the success of your content, but certain steps can increase your chance of going viral. So if you want to build your brand in the digital world, it would be a great idea to start with certain guidelines.

          First of all, try to keep up with the latest social media trends.

          Of course, the content should be a priority, so make sure you work on quality.

          Use the right keywords to target the right audience.

          If you can, seek the help of an influencer. A promotion, especially from an already famous person, can get you a lot of followers.

          Don’t be afraid to be controversial and different from others. Standing out from the crowd is a step to recognition.


Social media are becoming more and more popular as a business space where it’s possible to achieve great goals. To succeed, you need to be recognizable, and different and to work persistently on what you stand for. The content you post is what represents you, so be careful, especially in the beginning when it’s most important to gather as many loyal followers as possible. Try to follow all the above tips and you will be able to see results over time. Also, you mustn’t expect virality to happen immediately, sometimes it takes time. So be patient and enjoy expressing your creativity. At the end of the day, that’s the most beautiful part of this job.