HTML Blog Template: Top Recommendations

html blog template recommendations

Searching for a perfect HTML blog template for you or your client can take some time. You might be creating the blog for yourself or you just create websites and set blogs as a service. Anyways, choices are numerous. This can be overwhelming sometimes, but when you know where to look, this can become easier.

HTML blog templates are there to make creating blogs easier and more fun. They are based on HTML (HyperText Markup Language). With a proper HTML blog template, you don’t have to create custom designs for your blogs and invest hours and hours in this. 

Custom blog designs are much more expensive, they take more time and you have to get a professional to do it for you. This again includes research and getting ideas on how it will look. Then you need to get a designer to design it for you. This will include some changes during the process, adjustments, more expenses, etc. 

You got my point. Finding the right HTML Blog Template is easier and faster and you can even get it for free. To make the search for the right HTML blog template easier for you, we gathered a list of the best places where you can find free and paid HTML blog template options.

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Best HTML blog template websites

  1. ThemeForest – This is one of the most popular places to find HTML templates for different purposes, it includes variety of great options.
  2. EnvatoElements – This place is one of the first you will find when looking for HTML blog templates, they have many different options for different industries
  3. Colorlib – Also one of the options that you will see often when it comes to html and wordpress topic. Here they offer 50 different solutions for you to check.
  4. Styleshout – Here they offer free blog website templates that you can browse and see if they are suitable for your needs. They have attention to details that you maybe need.
  5. TemplateMo – this option give you free blog website templates for few specific niches
  6. Nicepage – this website offer you plenty of very modern and well organised themes that you can use for many purposes
  7. Digital Template Market – here you can find 25 free blog html templates options from suitable for different niches

How to choose the best HTML blog template for your needs?

Before going into the search, you can think about few things and write them down. This can make the search easier and more successful.

When choosing HTML blog template that for your needs, you should consider few important points.

Checklist for finding the best HTML blog template for you:

  • niche and the topic that you will write about
  • colors that you consider suitable for the blog
  • design that might be attractive to the type of audience you want to visit your blog
  • does it have organization that will be suitable for this blog needs
  • if you have logo and some branding, make sure that the blog template goes well with what you already have
  • if you are looking for a HTML blog template for your needs, think if posting something on this kind of blog makes you excited
  • would this blog be something that you would want to share and show to everyone?

These are just some things you can think about and maybe even discuss with someone that you find an expert in this field. It will help you to narrow down the selection and choose the optimal option.


We hope that you found the best HTML blog template for your needs thanks to our recommendations. These blog templates have different options, designs, and styles. Whether you are creating the blog for your needs or for your clients, or you are just looking for some ideas that someone will turn into a real blog, this article is for you. Within these 7 recommendations, you will for sure find something for you.