5 Reasons Why You Should Embed Instagram Feed on Your Website

embed instagram feed on website

Ensuring high-quality promotional content across all social media and other marketing channels including websites is essential in this digital world. Since a website serves as the first point of contact between a client and the brand, it needs to be visually appealing and vibrant. It must be well-designed, and professional, and must be able to boost conversion rates and sales. 

Simply using text and marketing your brand is not enough. People are complex creatures and relate more to visuals like photos and videos. Their retention power increases with photos and videos as compared to simple text content. Potential clients tend to engage and convert 10 times more with visuals than text. 

Tapping into the customer’s emotional state is like hitting the correct spot. Videos are far more effective and result-driven. And what is better than Instagram feed when it comes to videos? Feeds are extremely popular and are great among millennials. You can produce and share highly entertaining and engaging content. 

To curate result-driven and customer-centric websites, marketers should embed Instagram feeds on a website. Incorporating feed into the website has helped website owners reap the benefits of more engagement, conversions, and sales. 

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How to embed Instagram feed on website?

One of the best and most used methods of embedding ig feed on the website HTML is using social media aggregator platforms like Taggbox. These platforms offer a seamless and easy process of displaying all your feed in a unified format. It generates a compatible HTML code, you can copy and paste this code into your website backend.

Key highlights of using social media aggregators to Embed Instagram Feed on websites are:

  • Customization feature to help you edit the background, card style, theme settings, font, etc.
  • Add banner, CTA button, themes, layout, etc.
  • Use the custom CSS feature to personalize the widget.
  • The analytics feature is used to get detailed insights about how your audience is behaving with the widget.
  • Get sentiment analysis, no. of impressions, no. of visits, click-through rates, and much more.
  • Using these platforms you get a moderation feature that gives you full control over the content you display on your website.
  • You can highlight the best content, get UGC rights from multiple users at once, and eliminate any irrelevant or inappropriate content from the widget.

Let’s dig deep into this topic and understand why embedding feed is important.

embed instagram feed on website preview

Why do brands embed Instagram feeds on websites?

Here are some of the benefits of embedding a feed on your website. Let’s catch up.

1. Improve dwell time

As we have discussed above, users are 10 times more likely to get influenced by videos. This is an amazing technique to capture their attention and ensure they stay longer on the website. Visual content is highly engaging. With feed being viral these days, people love to spend time watching them, making it an essential aspect to boost the website’s dwell time.

2. Offer accurate product description

Providing text-based product and service descriptions on the website is a strategy everyone uses. Ensuring that your description is relevant and provides every piece of information that the user might require is an essential practice.

Adding to this, a smart decision would be to add IG feed to the website. Use feed to showcase product tutorials, to make it easy for buyers to grasp what your product would look and feel like in real life. This way they can make an informed decision and ensure loyalty.

3. Drive brand loyalty

To turn potential customers into loyal ones, marketers need to create confidence and trust within their target audience. People who are unfamiliar with your brand, or are first-timers, are more likely to be hesitant in making a purchase.

Since Instagram is a trusted source, the majority of your target audience uses it. They post feeds promoting their favorite brands and as all know user-generated content is the most trusted form of content as it is unscripted.

To lure these clients, you can add more content to the website and embed feeds around UGC to gain trust. Statistics show that 80% of users trust UGC and rely on it before making a purchase decision.

4. Improve website appearance

Adding an IG feed to a dull and irrelevant website can transform it and make it more vibrant. It helps in giving your website a new look. It is an excellent opportunity to engrave a lasting impression on your visitors.

5. Boost conversions

Sales and conversions are the deciding factors of success and feed helps in escalating your conversion rates significantly. It encourages potential clients and builds trust among the users who in turn engage more and are likely to purchase.

Final Words

You are now aware of the new and fantastic benefits of embedding Instagram feed widgets on the website. Brands show value and build a positive reputation in the market using this technique. If you have not caught up with this strategy, you are missing out on a lot.

It’s easier to implement using social media aggregator platforms. They are capable of improving the efficiency of your website. It’s your time to incorporate this strategy and see your revenue skyrocket.