How Long Does It Take To Learn HTML [Key Facts]

How Long Does It Take To Learn HTML

If you are reading this article, one big bravo to you! That means you are interested in learning new skills and getting new knowledge. Of course, when we decide to invest our time and energy in learning something new, it’s much easier for most of us if we know some best practices and easier ways to get something done.

The same case is with learning HTML. Many of us heard that now it’s the best time to learn programming or something that you can do online and remotely. And when we got this idea to learn to program, most probably you will get advice to start with HTML, as it presents the core of all programming. Everything started with HTML, all online presentations known as websites that you see online started with the first HTML page.

The first question that you might have in mind is how long does it take to learn HTML? In a nutshell, you can understand and learn HTML basics in two weeks. Then you will need a month or two to practice what you learned in order to get some results and to feel more confident about what you have learned.

You might be having another job, kids, or you may be a student that wants to learn this new skill. That means that you have to organize yourself in order to get some results. Thus you want to get more details before you jump into the unknown. We will try to answer all questions that you might be asking right now. This will help you to understand better if this step is right for you at the moment. Let’s start.

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Is it hard to learn HTML?

Learning HTML doesn’t have to be hard. Straight intention and dedication are what you need to become very good in HTML in just a few months. This process will include a few hours per day that you will invest in learning and practicing HTML. Also, getting proper resources, online courses or a teacher are something that you need in order to start properly.

Can I learn HTML on my own?

A great advantage of all skills you can learn online is that you can learn them on your own. It’s the same with HTML. You can learn it on your own, but you need to find the resources that will be suitable for you. There are so many free and paid courses available online. But that doesn’t mean that they are all good and that they will all suit your needs. Also, maybe you are just that type of person that prefers to have some couch, teacher, or mentor. In that case, you should ask yourself if you will be disciplined enough to learn it on your own.

How Long Does It Take To Learn HTML programming

How long does it take to learn HTML?

There are a few factors that play a big role here. Having some previous knowledge, how familiar you are with English, your dedication, and how eager you are to learn this new skill.

Some general estimation is that it will take you around 3 months to learn HTML. This means that you will learn the theoretical part and that you will invest some time to practice it and create something new with the knowledge you have.

How can I learn HTML easily?

The easiest way to learn HTML is to find the best resources online and dedicate your full attention for some period of time to this. Also, it’s good to know someone who is good at this so that you can ask some questions when you feel stuck.

You can reach someone you know in person or you can connect with some HTML experts online. There are many available online forums and communities that talk about this topic where you can ask questions and get more knowledge about programming and coding. For example, like this HTML forum.

Learn HTML For Free

It’s possible to learn HTML for free online, and it’s quite a good time to do that. There are a bunch of available free and paid online courses. Free courses have a great value and don’t the price trick you that you will not get enough from it.

Here are some of the top platforms to learn HTML for free:

  1. Codeacademy
  2. W3schools
  4. Free Code Camp
  5. The Odin Project
  6. Solo Learn
  7. Udemy
  8. Khan Academy
  9. edX
  10. Code School

Uses of HTML

History of HTML says that HTML was actually created when Tim Bernes Lee wanted to make communication and organization in CERN. This is when the first hyperlink was created.

Today use of HTML has grown in different areas. These are the main uses of HTML today:

  • Web page development
  • Web document creation
  • Embedding images and videos
  • Game development
  • Responsive images
  • Navigating the internet

When can I start making money with HTML?

Many people learn new skills and change jobs to earn money or to make more than what they are currently making. I bet that you are wondering when you will be able to start making money from the HTML projects you will do.

If you are dedicated for few months, and you feel confident that what you make has some value, start applying for some smaller jobs. A good idea is also to offer to do some work for free, so that you can create your portfolio that will present you in a better way and get you more opportunities.

If you would like to improve your skills by practicing and doing some real work, you can find vacancies on job platforms like Jooble.

If you know some people that have small businesses and don’t have websites, you can offer to do this for them for free or for a small price. This can be also a good way to learn and create something on your own, as probably they will just tell you to do it based on your idea. Later when you start doing some more serious projects, you will have detailed instructions.


We covered all the most important questions that you might have if you decided to learn HTML. The exact time needed for learning HTML is individual. Someone can do this as a side project, someone can dedicate the whole day to learning and practicing HTML.

The estimations that we gave are general, and the actual work it’s up to you. You might need less or more time. This depends on how much you are determined to become an HTML expert. Also, listen to your gut when choosing courses, resources, teachers, and projects. Your feeling and instinct can choose the best options for you. If you decide to go through with this,  come back here and let us know how long does it take to learn HTML from your perspective! 🙂

Good luck!