– a new Mauritian portal on the web (YUI-based)

I came to know the existing of a new Mauritian portal via Avinash called nouzil (which means our island in creole) and I must say at first look it reminds me of Netvibes a lot. I think the team picked up some bits and pieces from
Anyway, looking behind the scenes I notice that the new portal uses YUI a lot, in fact it’s all YUI-based. Had a look at the source and they are using the following YUI components (with my comments) :

  • utilities – for XHR requests, dragging of widgets, various DOM manipulations
  • cookie – to save the state of the widgets and order I presume
  • container – for various settings panels and the loading panel at the start
  • json – json data (hadn’t seen any in my Firebug panel)
  • element – ?
  • calendar – calendar widget at the bottom
  • tabview – when doing a Google search the results are displayed in a new tab
  • reset-fonts-grids – for layout, they are using the 974px width template

Unfortunately the nouzil.js was minified thus unreadable and couldn’t get very far in my analysis ;-)

Overall I find the portal quite nice and find the CanalSat widget very useful since the CanalSat Reunion website is very slow and the widget shows the current programs on air. It would be interesting if the user could choose the time frame he wishes to view the programme. The Flickr widget too is cool, showing the latest photos from Mauritius and I think it’s an exact replica from that of Netvibes, so is the delicious one.

Another thing I noticed is that the team did not follow Yahoo’s performance rules for website, no caching, no gzipping and I have to download the same images again and again. I think they can improve it and take it very far, why not compete with the big boys.

Good luck to the team and congrats for that all YUI-based portal.

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