WP To Top – a WordPress plugin that takes you to the top

About WP To Top

WP To Top is a WordPress plugin that adds a “Back to top” link in your blog without modifying your template files. This is useful especially if you have long posts or long pages. You will have a nice “Back to top” or whatever-text-you-want link floating at the bottom right/left of your page.


  • Smooth scrolling animation and fade in, fade out effect, powered by the YUI library
  • Customizable options via the admin panel, from the text to the position of the link
  • Works on almost all browsers including IE6 (yes!)


You can get the plugin here


You have a demo on this page. Just scroll a little bit and you will see a nice “Take me up” link appearing at the bottom of your page.


  • Extract wptotop.zip in the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory
  • Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress
  • Go to “Settings” and then “WP To Top” to configure the plugin. The options are self explanatory and easy to understand.


I got the inspiration to write this plugin after having a look at David Walsh’s jQuery topLink Plugin. Thanks to the YUI team for the great YUI library and Semih’s Animated Page Scroll with YUI.

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70 thoughts on “WP To Top – a WordPress plugin that takes you to the top”

  1. Thanks for your wonderfull wp to top. It works fine. Only problem to me is that I don’t want to have back at the bottom of my page, but in my content place. Is this possible?

  2. Aswin, thanks a lot.

    I searched for “back to top plugin” in Google and your page came at the top of the results. I installed the plugin and it did not work initially although it had automatically added to fotter.php. I thought perhaps the plugin was not compatible with WordPress version 2.9. Just when I was about to uninstall it, I happened to uncheck “Show only in posts, not all pages”…and the thing started to work.

    Thanks for such a wonderful plugin. It is way better than I expected. I had just a plain Back to Top link at the bottom in my mind but this one is pretty customizable :)

  3. I just installed the plugin, i am using WP 2.9.1. After installation i came to know that WordPress.com stats (another plugin) has stopped working and as soon as i deactivated WP TO TOP my other plugin started working fine.
    how can i fix that?

  4. Hello Asvin !

    Thank you for this great plugin !
    I just installed it and tried it today on Firefox v3.5.6 and IE7.0.6001 without any problem.
    It works also well on Opera v10.10 although the image might sometimes disappear.
    Not a big deal though as Opera is not (yet) a very popular browser.

    Thanks again for your help to the WP-community !


  5. How can i change the pink background colour?
    And why i can’t see the button in home page?
    Someone can help me!
    I’m getting crazy

  6. Hello Asvin,

    THANK YOU for the job. Your plugin is great.

    Of course, some users like the pink icon, others do not, I guess it depends on the website’s design. Personally I like it :-)

    Still I realized that when scrolling, the icon has a tendency to slightly blink.
    Now I saw recently a similar kind of plugin but with an arrow. Again some will like it, others probably won’t.
    But the main thing is that it doesn’t seem to blink, the brightness of the icon remains the same whenever we scroll.
    Maybe you could have a look at it:

    The good thing if there are 2 different styles of plugin now available is that users will be able to choose what suits best their site :-)

    Keep up the good work!


  7. Thank you! Worked beautifully out of the box! I’ve used another script for years…. but now that I am migrating everything to WordPress, that script refuses to work within WP.

  8. Great plugin! However, I upgraded to WP 2.9.2 and while the button still appears and functions, when I try to change the colours in the admin, the default colours revert after I save the changes. Any ideas?

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