Why Can’t I Comment on Facebook? [Solution]

why can't I comment on facebook

As probably the most popular social network in the world, Facebook has always been attracting different people from different parts of the world. And one of the reasons why it’s so popular is because it allows its users to interact freely and connect to whoever they want freely.

We all want to present ourselves in the best possible way through our Facebook profile picture and the content we post. But our interactions and opinions that we share with other users are something that it tells even more about us. This is why the process of leaving comments on Facebook is something people take very seriously. But if you’re unable to post comments on Facebook, you might not remain as loyal to this network as you are right now. So, why does this happen and how can you solve the issue when you are wondering why can’t I comment on Facebook?

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Possible reasons why you can’t comment on Facebook

There are a few potential reasons why you can’t comment on Facebook:

  • Facebook webpage or app issues – When your app or webpage isn’t loading properly, you won’t be able to post comments.
  • Hardware or software issues – There could be hardware or software issues if your Internet connection isn’t working properly. This can happen because your modem, router, and other devices aren’t working properly.
  • Facebook jail – Facebook jail can occur if you’ve been banned after breaking Facebook commenting rules. Then you won’t be able to comment anymore.
  • You’ve been blocked or unfriended on Facebook – If you’re trying to leave a comment, but this particular person has blocked or unfriended you, you won’t be able to post comments.

How to fix the problem when you can’t comment on Facebook?

Depending on why you’re unable to comment on Facebook, you can take different actions. Check the list below and try the fixes.

  • Facebook Webpage or app issues – Checking your settings, restarting your device, updating your Facebook app, using a proxy server, and reloading the page are some of the ways to fix this issue quickly.
  • Software/hardware issues – Inspect your devices and your Internet connection on your own, and you’ll probably be able to fix the issue straight away. Or just ask people from your Internet provider to help you out.
  • Facebook jail – Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about this. You can just wait for your restriction to pass.
  • Being blocked/unfriended – If you’ve been blocked or unfriended, you won’t be able to get in touch with the person in question through Facebook. You should contact them in another way and ask them to unblock or accept your new friend request.

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Why am I blocked from commenting on Facebook?

One of the most common reasons why this happens is because Facebook prevents you from posting a comment. This usually happens after you’ve engaged in suspicious or abusive behavior. And if you already wrote something that might have been offensive or against Facebook’s strict rules about leaving comments.

Why can’t I comment on certain Facebook pages?

All Facebook pages are run by certain Facebook users. If you can’t seem to comment on specific Facebook pages, this is because you’ve been banned by the page’s admin or moderator. In this situation, you can try contacting them in person and asking them to allow you to comment freely.

Why can I like but not comment on Facebook?

Because these are two different things – posting a comment is all about expressing your opinion in writing. Liking a post or a photo merely comes down to the fact that you’ve seen something and decided that it deserves your reaction. Facebook has different restrictions for these two types of actions.

Why can’t I see comments on Facebook?

This usually happens due to hardware and software problems, so try to fix them before you do anything else. Again, this won’t help you if you’ve been black-listed, but it should give the majority of users the solution to their problem.

Why does Facebook freeze when I click on comments?

If there are no hardware or software issues, the problem is probably your outdated app. So make sure you update your Facebook app ASAP. This problem might also occur due to too much cached data, so clear this as well, especially if you’re using an old phone or computer.

Why are Facebook comments not loading for me?

If you’re able to see the post but not the comments, the chances are that your Internet connection isn’t working properly at the moment. Depending on the device you’re using, you might even need to unplug your router or restart it to make this problem go away.

How can I fix my restricted Facebook account?

If you’re dealing with a restricted account, you can do the following:

  • Find the page where you can request a review
  • Log in using your login details
  • Provide your full name
  • Upload your ID

After that, all you can do is submit the information and hope for the best. These requests are usually handled quickly, so you won’t have to wait too long until you learn what’s going to happen.

How long are you blocked from commenting on Facebook?

This depends on what you’ve done to earn your restriction and how severely you’ve broken all those rules that are supposed to make Facebook a safe and protected place. But, most people deal with these issues in just a couple of hours. Especially if there has been a mistake and they’ve been blocked from commenting on Facebook by mistake. However, if you’ve been truly malicious and disrespectful, and you’ve been leaving inappropriate comments left and right, don’t be surprised if this process ends up lasting for weeks. Finally, you might not even get unblocked, especially if Facebook’s legal team decides that you’re a liability that should be sanctioned as much as possible.

How to get out of Facebook jail?

If this happens to you, don’t worry – there are at least three ways to make that happen:

  1. Don’t act prematurely – in most cases, you might end up in Facebook jail for no good reason. And if that happens, you need to stay calm, respectful, and humble. The chances are the ban will be gone quite quickly. Just be patient and wait for it all to be gone on its own.
  2. Post a comment on a thread – if you’re unable to post comments directly on the wall of your favorite Facebook group, you’ll probably still be allowed to leave comments on different threads. This allows you to send a message of hope, so do that right now and be patient until you get a reply.
  3. Write to Facebook – this is the least favorite idea out there, and if you’re forced to send a message to Facebook and their support team, you need to make the most of this opportunity. Explain everything that’s going on and don’t forget to include as many details as you can. If you give them enough details your request will probably be handled expeditiously. Still, whether that happens or not, you should try to stop breaking the rules in the future and avoid Facebook jail as much as you can.

How to contact Facebook support through Facebook support emails?

If you decided to contact Facebook support and tell them about your issue, you can use some of the emails listed below, based on your specific situation:

  • [email protected] – Use this email address for any inquiry, as this is the general support email. When you contact them, make sure to be as clear as possible so that you don’t waste time on back and forth questions.
  • [email protected] – If your Facebook account is disabled, used this email address to contact them. [email protected] – If your account is suspended or your content is removed, try contacting Facebook support through this email address.
  • [email protected] – This email is useful when you want to report something that you consider to be against Facebook Community Guidelines.
  • [email protected] – When you want to appeal some suspended account or removed content, you should go with this email.


Nobody likes when he is restricted or blocked on social media, but it’s good that there are some rules that should be respected. Since social media has a big influence on our lives, it’s good that it becomes as safe as possible. There is a difference between you expressing comments freely and you being disrespectful or abusive.  It’s good that Facebook has employees that are in charge of handling these kinds of issues. Because of proper support, those that are unfairly blocked from commenting on Facebook are able to fix their issue.