What Does Cancelled Call Mean On iPhone: Explained

What Does Cancelled Call Mean

With so many iPhone users in the world, it’s easy to understand why this type of phone is among the most popular and wanted models on the market. Ever since it was introduced, the iPhone has been the epitome of elegance, style, and quality. This is why it’s surprising to hear that its users experience certain problems with its main features, like a call.

However, when you see a cancelled call on your iPhone call log, it doesn’t have to mean that your iPhone has some issue or a bug. So, what does cancelled call mean on iPhone and why does it happen? How is a cancelled call different from an outgoing call, and can you do anything to fix the problem? We explained everything you need to know about cancelled call on iPhone.

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What Does  Cancelled Call Mean on iPhone?

A cancelled call on iPhone means that you either hung up the call before the other person had a chance to answer it or the call went straight to voicemail because the recipient uses this option for some of their incoming calls.

So, a cancelled call on iPhone doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with your phone – it’s simply a fact that you didn’t manage to establish the call, and that’s it. Sometimes, this occurs due to network issues or other technical problems that prevent your calls from going through, but this doesn’t happen as often.

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Do Cancelled iPhone Calls Show Up As Missed Calls For The Receiver?

Yes, a cancelled call on iPhone will show up as a missed call, which might be even more confusing for the recipient. So, just be patient and let them answer the call. Or, if you’ve made a mistake and started calling a number you didn’t want to call by mistake, make sure you stop the entire process before you hear the first dial tone as this is the point where started calls turn into a cancelled call.

What Is The Difference Between An Outgoing Call And Cancelled Call On iPhone?

An outgoing call is a call you make to a contact on your phone or a new phone number. This is something we all do every single day without paying too much attention to the philosophy behind this process. Unlike cancelled calls, an outgoing call ends with the recipient either answering it or not. And the calling process will not stop in this situation.

Alternatively, an outgoing call can go straight to voicemail. But that doesn’t mean it’s cancelled call. It just means that the recipient uses voicemail for the calls they don’t answer or that they’re not in a position to answer your call at the moment.

What Happens If You Accidentally Call Someone And Immediately Hang Up?

It depends on how quickly you hang up and whether the connection has already been established or not. If you hang up before that occurs, nothing major is going to happen, but if it already starts ringing and you hang up then, your call is going to register as a cancelled call.

Does a Cancelled Call Mean Someone Has Blocked Your Number?

Not necessarily. You can check out whether you’ve been blocked or not in a few other ways. However, a cancelled call has nothing to do with them. Even if you’re getting forwarded to voicemail, that might mean that the recipient uses voicemail, and it doesn’t mean that they’ve blocked you. Still, if you’re suspecting that someone has blocked you, try talking to them – if your calls aren’t reaching them, speak to them directly and avoid any confusion.

Does a Cancelled Call Mean They Declined?

If you see a cancelled call listed on your iPhone phone log, it doesn’t mean that the person you were calling declined your call. That just means that the call was stopped before anyone had a chance to answer. A declined phone call is usually signalized in a different way. In addition, your call is going to end whether you want it or not.

Can a Cancelled Call Pass Through An iPhone?

A cancelled call can do that, but only if you don’t manage to hang up the phone before the signal reaches the recipient. If you manage to do that before the first dial tone, though, you’ll leave no trace of your phone call whatsoever.

iPhone call log with cancelled cal


What does it mean when a call goes straight to voicemail?

If your calls go straight to voicemail, it can mean several different things:

  1. The recipient has set this option as their default because they don’t want to be disturbed.
  2. The recipient hasn’t been able to answer the phone.
  3. You’ve been blocked by that user.

How do you know if your calls are blocked on iPhone?

You’ll know that you are blocked if you can’t manage to reach the recipient even after calling them over and over again. The first time you’re doing this might be a coincidence and they might be having a conversation at the time. But if you repeat this process and still get a busy signal, the chances are that you’ve been blocked.

You can also check their Facebook, Instagram profile, or some other social media network they use. If you see that you are restricted on Instagram or you can’t access their other social profiles, it’s possible that they blocked your calls as well.

Finally, if you try calling using another number and manage to get through, this means you’ve definitely been blocked.

How to see missed calls from blocked numbers on iPhone?

Seeing missed calls from blocked numbers on an iPhone is practically impossible. Since you’ve blocked them, your phone will ignore any connection to them and their phone numbers.

The only way to make this happen is if you unblock these contacts. However, that just means they’ll be able to reach you even though that’s something you don’t want to happen.

How to tell if someone’s iPhone is off?

This depends on whether you’re trying to call them or text them. If you’re calling them, you’re going to be notified by their carrier that their phone is off. This is usually the case in lots of countries around the world. This is going to happen with international calls as well.

If you’re texting the person whose phone might be off, just try sending them an iMessage instead of a text message. If their phone is off, the message will go through as a regular text message.

What Does Cancelled Facetime Mean on iPhone?

For most iPhone users, going for FaceTime is just as popular as calling someone in the traditional way. That is why this option can feature the cancelled call option as well.

If you are wondering what does cancelled Facetime mean this explanation will clarify everything. If you start a FaceTime call and don’t wait for the other person to answer, but cancel the call before that happens, it’s going to register as a cancelled call in the same way as with voice calls.

Another occurrence that might happen is the so-called FaceTime unavailability. This happens when you’re not in a position to make a FaceTime call due to different reasons. For example, because a bad reception to wrong settings that might occur on your device.


Understanding the difference between different types of calls available on iPhone helps to avoid misunderstandings in communication.  Besides the type of the call, you can see the call duration and the time when the call was made. It’s quite useful that iPhone allows you to easily check call details in the iPhone call log. In some situations, having clear information about your calls will be the main point for solving some problems.