How To Know If Someone Restricted You On Instagram [Solved]

how to know if someone restricted you on instagram

Realizing that someone may have restricted you on Instagram is always difficult.. And there’s just one thing you can ask in these situations: “How do I know if someone restricted me on Instagram?” Most Instagram users don’t even think about these things until they see some strange changes related to the profile of the person they have been following for some time. When you’re truly into spending your time on this social network, you will run to deal with these issues as quickly as you can. So, if you’re wondering how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram, here are a few things that might help you figure that out.

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How do I know if someone restricted me on Instagram

So, once you’ve realized that someone has restricted you on Instagram, you need to start your search and turn into an investigator who’s digging for answers. Luckily, there won’t be too hard to find, thanks to the wonders of modern technology. And if you’re patient and focused, you’ll learn how to tell if someone restricted you on Instagram quite quickly.

In short, there are three methods that are available to you. Let’s learn a few things about each of them first and then figure out which one works for you the most.

Check their activity status

This is the simplest way to go and the chances are that this will give you all the answers you’re looking for. Instagram comes with a number of helpful features that are meant to make the users’ lives a lot easier and simpler, as well as make their connection easier and more meaningful.

But, if something’s wrong and one of the users ended up restricting the other, there’s a feature called the Activity Status that might help you get your answers. The reason is quite simple – if someone has restricted you, you won’t be able to see their activity status and tell when their last activity on Instagram was. So, if you’re suspecting that someone has done this to you, simply check their activity status and see if it’s available to you.

Send a message

Just like all other social networks of our age, Instagram allows users to communicate directly using direct messages or DMs. But, if one user has restricted the other, the latter won’t be able to send them a DM properly – or, to be precise, they won’t be able to confirm that the first user has seen the message at all.

This method is viable and works perfectly for people who are active all the time and using their DMs regularly. But keep in mind that this isn’t a 100% effective way to go. There’s a chance that some people simply don’t read their messages and if that happens, you won’t be able to find out whether they’ve restricted you or not.

Use another Instagram account

This method is a bit trickier and it takes more time, but it’s the most effective way to go if you’re still asking the question we’ve mentioned earlier – how can I tell if someone restricted me on Instagram? If you’re suspecting that someone has restricted you, just leave a comment on one of their posts – if you’re right, this comment will be visible to you and nobody else – and then check it out using a new account.

Ask your friends to help you out and log into Instagram using their login details and you’ll get your answer in a matter of seconds. Alternatively, you can create a new account, start following that person, leave a comment using your primary account and check it out using your secondary account. If you’re able to see it, you haven’t been restricted, and vice versa!

Signs you’ve been restricted on Instagram

Before you turn into the modern version of Sherlock Holmes, you need to check out for signs that someone has actually restricted you on Instagram. This all depends on your real-life relationship with that person and how close you really are. If you’ve known them for a while and don’t have a reason to suspect anything. You’ll know that something’s wrong if these people aren’t responding to your DMs or your comments. You’ll also know that in case you start seeing that a certain person hasn’t posted anything for a while because this usually means that you’re not able to see their feed.

How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram DM?

If you’re unable to send them a DM or your DM goes unread for an unusual amount of time. This is particularly true if you’ve communicated with that person uninterruptedly in the past, but you’re unable to do that now.

How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram story?

Even if someone restricts you on Instagram, you’ll still be able to see their stories, but, just like with their feed, you won’t be able to react to them and interact with the user who restricted you regarding their stories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be restricted on Instagram?

Being restricted on Instagram means being able to see what your friends post and comment, but you’re unable to interact with them anymore.

Restrict vs Block on Instagram?

Being blocked on Instagram means not being able to find a particular user on this network any longer while being restricted means not having an opportunity to communicate with them.

Why would someone want to restrict me on Instagram?

There are lots of reasons why someone would want to restrict you on Instagram, but the biggest reason is to protect someone’s privacy because this option has a lot to do with Instagram’s new anti-bullying campaign.

If you search for someone on Instagram, will they know?

In theory, Instagram doesn’t have an option that tells you whether someone has been looking for you and your profile. However, if you interact with other people in any way, shape, or form – post a comment, like their photos, watch their videos, see their stories, etc. – they’ll be aware of that.


If you enjoy using social networks, then you care about your profile appearance and reputation. This doesn’t include just taking care of your posts and Instagram or Facebook profile pictures. But also communication that you have with people there and the impression that you leave. Being restricted on Instagram is never fun, but if you’re suspecting that this might be happening to you, now you know how to check that and make it all transparent, so use these three methods and find out the truth!