Powr io Apps and Plugins Review

powr io Review

Powr io is one of the most popular website plugin providers available on the market. You can find it online mentioned as website widgets as well, but what Powr io creates are plugins.

Some think that widgets and plugins are the same but these are two separate things. Plugins are used to add some functionalities features and options to your website. While widgets are something that the end user can see on the website and interact with it.  You can see widgets on the top, bottom, or sidebar of a website.

They have many different plugin options available that can help any online business to grow. There are free and paid options that you can choose based on your needs. We created Powr io review that can help you to see if their plugins are what you need for your website.

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How can Powr io plugins help your business?

Powr plugins are a great way to improve your online presence. Without much trouble and effort, you can achieve the desired results. Of course, you must be persistent in every move. Powr plugins are here to make it easier for you to manipulate the digital space. Your business may benefit from using them. These are some ways how you can achieve that:

  • CTA – Attracting visitors to your website is the first task. Right after that, it’s important to ensure their action before they leave the web page. You can make a compelling call to action in several ways. Using a strong CTA word, changing the color of the CTA button, or using pop-ups. What’s great about pop-ups is choosing when you want them to appear.
  • Gaining followers – Social media is everything nowadays! You need to understand the importance of being there if you want a successful business. One way to gain followers is to promote your social media profiles on your website. This way you allow visitors to see more happenings on your social platforms in real time.
  • Collecting information – Any kind of feedback is very important. That way you get relevant feedback that can improve your business. Enabling comments is a great way to get information of importance. Of course, email subscriptions and contact forms are always big pluses. 
  • Motivating visitors – You can motivate visitors by creating a sense of urgency. For example, try to create a time-limited offer to collect clicks. Powr Countdown Timer is a great plugin for that. You can create a countdown to an event also. The great thing about it is customizing the plugin to fit the design of your website.
  • FAQ – Everyone wants to provide the best user experience possible. To succeed in this, you need to provide your visitors with all the information they need. FAQ is a great way to do this and you can place it on any page of your website. The plugin is customizable, so you can choose how it looks. A search bar is also a great option that allows users to find the information they want. You can also enable live chat for your visitors in the form of a Facebook Chat plugin. This is a great option if the presence of your business on this social platform is important to you.

Powr io plugins options

Powr offers many plugins that can contribute to your digital presence. What is especially useful is the plugin’s custom option. This way you can fit the desired plugin to match the web page’s design. Powr has 61 different plugins, each of which you can use with a specific purpose. They’re several categories of them related to boosting conversions, getting more followers, collecting information, supporting customers, and engaging visitors.

These are some of the most popular Powr plugins:

  1. Form Builder – With this plugin, you can save time collecting information from users. Also, you will make it easier and faster to respond to their requests and messages. Multi-step forms can boost conversions by up to 300%. Certain automatic features can save you time. For example, syncing with Google Sheets or Mailchimp. 
  2. Social Feed – With the Social Feed plugin, you can get more views on your social platforms. In this way, you expand and strengthen your online presence. Also, this Powr plugin can help convert visitors into users, by up to 40%. What is particularly important is brand recognition. The Social Feed plugin allows your brand to reach more people. Visitors can share your website posts and thus help in brand development.
  3. Countdown Timer – This plugin creates a sense of urgency and thus enables up to 4 times more sales. So, by reducing the time, you ensure more attention from the visitors. As well as a higher probability that they’ll buy. By watching the countdown, visitors are more likely to react and buy before the time runs out.
  4. Popup – It’s important to use popups wisely. They are most effective when shown to new users once a day. So, you need to be careful when using this Powr plugin. Discount is ideal to use as exit offers. Percentage-off popups can encourage your visitor to act. Also, they animate the viewer’s eye and keep his attention, making him more motivated to react.
  5. PayPal Button – By making it easier to buy, you increase the chance that it will happen. With the PayPal Button plugin, you can increase payment up to 82%. This Powr plugin is very easy to set up. You only need to enter your PayPal email address and that’s it. It’s possible to integrate PayPal and Stripe and thus allow customers to shop in a way that suits them.
  6. Multi Slider – This is how you can display the impressions of satisfied users and thus increase sales. With such customized visuals, it’s possible to increase engagement up to three times. Multi Slider can include photos, videos, or banners. Put a CTA button too and encourage your visitors to take action.

Powr io website apps pricing

The prices of Powr plugins differ according to the type of plugin. So, every plugin has a different price. There are 4 packs for each of them. First of all, there’s a Free version that offers a limited user experience. Also, Powr offers Starter, Pro, and Business versions. Each of them implies different possibilities. Only the Business version provides full access to all plugin options. It also includes Business features for more than 60 apps. That means access to all the web apps you need for growing your business. You can choose to pay Powr on a monthly or annual basis. Of course, if you decide on annual dynamics, the price of the pack is 10% more affordable.

Is Powr io safe?

When it comes to user satisfaction, there are different opinions. Some consider that Powr team should improve certain plugins’ qualities. Others think they’ve proven very effective. According to WOT (site security verification platform), Powr has a rating of 3.1. Experiences are very diverse. It’s always best to try out whether Powr plugins are something that would suit your business. You can always try the free version first and upgrade it if you feel the need for it.

What do real users like about Powr io support?

Opinions about Powr support also vary, but so far there seem to be a lot more people who are satisfied. What users most often point out as a good side is a fast and helpful support. Powr support team is trying to provide the necessary help. Besides, all options and possibilities, support are very important. Sometimes certain complications can occur. In those situations, it’s very important to be quick and efficient. According to the Trustpilot website, Powr received five stars from 72% of users. Of course, those who wanted to share their experiences. We’ll agree that it’s a pretty significant number, right?


Plugins are an inevitable part of a digital presence. If you want to give your users the best possible experience, you should use some of them. The Powr website will offer you more information to help you decide what you need. Other people’s experiences can be useful. Of course, it’s always best to try it yourself and see if it’s right for you. You can always try the free version to make sure that Powr is a good choice.