HTML Email Template: 2023 Recommendations

HTML Email Template

Marketing products or services on the Internet requires careful decisions that increase the chance of your website growing and your business developing. Digital presence is essential nowadays and you must be willing to work on the details. Every successful campaign requires dedication and numerous tasks that need to be done to make a digital marketing strategy successful. 

Creating customized email contributes to a more professional impression you leave, but also to the success of the email campaign, which is one of the major areas of digital marketing. Using an appropriate HTML email template enables your brand to be positioned online in the right way. To run an effective email campaign, you need to know the main principles and some best practices. This will increase the chances to make your email campaign successful. This is just one of the numerous areas where HTML can be very beneficial for business.

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What is HTML email template?

An email template is an HTML document that allows adding images and links to an email. Also, it lets you design your email to represent your name or brand well. Templates are usually saved in the email service provider (ESP). They include email modules and allow you to specify your email using an image or a link.

Efficiency is one of the main and most important results you achieve using HTML email templates. You can easily save your time by using it and make sure your marketing campaign runs smoothly and faster. Templates help you prevent potential errors. If you rewrite the email every time, there is a greater chance of making a mistake. HTML email templates allow you to present yourself more professionally.

If you want to expand your email program, you need to enable as many people as possible to create marketing campaigns. You can do this with the help of email templates. Just make sure all your team members have access and know how to use them.

What is a responsive HTML email template?

If you want to adjust your email so that the entire content is legible even on a smaller screen and devices, you need to make it responsive. These email forms consist of elements that are positioned below each other, instead of next to each other, to display better on the screen. Be aware that different email services and apps support different programming languages. Be careful when you create responsive email templates, so that certain email apps can support the right programming language.

List of 10 top HTML email template resources

If you want to style your email, but you don’t know which is the right platform for that, we created a list with several websites where you can create or choose an email template.

  1. Stripo – one of the best email design platforms that provide the ability to add pre-created interactive and animated elements. The great thing is that Stripo is connected with over 70 marketing tools, so when you create your personalized template, you can export it directly to your chosen email service provider.
  2. Unlayer – if you want to create an email template as simple as possible and without much effort, Unlayer is an excellent solution for you. The drag-and-drop feature makes it easy to create, and the final product is fully responsive on all mobile devices.
  3. Litmus – this one is great for testing if the email is properly displayed on different devices and ESPs. Litmus offers dozens of HTML email templates and they are free to use even for commercial purposes.
  4. Topol – this one is pretty convenient if you want to make a professional impression, but also if you want to create a fun template because Topol offers more than 100 free ones. This online tool allows you to make the wanted “look”, and you can download the final product or export it directly to your email platform.
  5. Dyspatch – you will love Dyspatch, especially if you have no coding experience. It’s very easy to use and offers various features for creating fast-loading transactional and promotional emails.
  6. Bee Free – this HTML email template platform offers more than 1200 design solutions, but you can also submit a project and start from scratch.
  7. Sendinblue – this platform provides excellent solutions for everyone. It offers a lot of pre-made products to beginners and amateurs looking for simple and faster templates. On the other hand, an HTML email editor allows professionals to code themselves.
  8. 99 Designs – this one is great because it can connect you directly with some of the best designers. If you want to see what this platform has to offer, you need to sign up for their newsletter, after that you get access to a gallery that provides different designs for every taste and every purpose.
  9. Moosend – creative landing pages and subscription forms can be pretty efficient if you use the right tools. You can create your personalized email newsletter in your style and you don’t need any coding knowledge.
  10. Mailbakery – this is where you can find more than 50 “baked” HTML email templates, so you can choose the one that suits your taste. Every template looks great on any kind of device and it’s designed to help the business grow and develop regardless of industry.

html email template recommendations

How can I create HTML email templates?

Unlike regular, plain text emails, HTML email templates are characterized by their stylized, colored, and attractive designs. In addition to the aesthetic moment, they’re very popular and often used because of their simplicity during creation. The great thing is that you don’t need any prior programming knowledge to create an HTML email template. So, don’t worry about the coding and other IT stuff that gives you headaches, this is an easy task. Many online platforms and tools offer pre-made templates, so you don’t have to deal with back-end and codes at all. Just enjoy your creativity and choose the best solutions for your brand.

How can HTML email template help you?

Customized, designed HTML email templates can improve your email campaign. This will help you to leave a professional impression and thus strengthen the presence of your brand in the digital environment. At first glance, it seems that these are just small details. But they can contribute a lot to your business and the online engagement of your users and potential clients. So, don’t leave anything to chance if you care to attract more people. Pay attention to small things that can significantly improve business and affect the achievement of desired goals.


Marketing strategies must be carefully thought out and planned in detail to be successful. It’s important for everyone in the online world to make a mark and be recognizable, and you can only achieve this if you take care of all aspects of your campaign. HTML email template is a great way to boost your conversions and increase the chances of business expansion. So choose your HTML email template and strengthen one more step to your top.