Elfsight Review

elfsight reviews

Website widgets can contribute to the effectiveness of your online presence. Many platforms have different widgets, you must have come across some by now. Elfsight is one of the most famous and offers a rich assortment of plugins. Here you can find widgets that suit any purpose. Depending on what goal you want to achieve, Elfsight can offer you the appropriate app. Stay till the end and get all the necessary information about Elfsight apps.

If you are looking for Elfsight reviews to learn more about these widgets, we prepared some most important information that will help you to decide.

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What is Elfsight?

Elfsight is an online platform that offers a wide selection of widgets. Each of them has its purpose. There are several categories of Elfsight widgets. They’re about the goal you want to achieve. With such plugins for your website, it’s possible to improve your digital business. For example, you can increase sales, engage visitors, boost conversion, and gain followers. All in all, name what you need and Elfsight will provide you with a widget for it. This platform provides an incredible 84 apps. Some of them would suit your website, for sure.

Available Elfsight apps

Elfsight has eight app categories:

  1. Social
  2. Reviews
  3. E-commerce
  4. Chats
  5. Forms
  6. Video
  7. Audio
  8. Tools


The most popular Social widget is Instagram Feed. It allows you to increase visitor engagement and attract more Instagram followers. It’s great that Elfsight allows you to display Instagram photos by any meaning. Thus, you can display photos based on username, location, hashtags, and any combinations. 


In the Reviews category, the Google Review app is in first place. This widget encourages trust-building by displaying real customer impressions. The automatic update feature allows you not to worry about being up-to-date.


E-commerce definitely cannot function without plugins anymore. The most popular widget in this category is the Countdown Timer. It turns out that people are more ready to buy if they have a sense of urgency. You can achieve this with the Elfsight Countdown timer. Also, this is how you can raise the value of a particular product or service.


Another great Elfsight category is Chats widgets. WhatsApp chat is by far the most popular. This app allows your users to contact you, easily and quickly. So, this way you can provide fast and quality service. At all times, you can be in contact with your customers and thus provide them with the best user experience.


Forms are also inevitable widgets if you want an effective website. In this category, Elfsight offers three different apps, one of which is Form Builder. This way you can collect more data from potential clients. What is very important, you can increase the number of leads. Besides, you’ll save both time and money. You only need a simple plugin that collects relevant information.


A vivid image is a great way to keep your visitors’ attention. That’s why video is such an effective way to engage your audience. In the Video category, YouTube Gallery is the most popular app. You can use it to upload any YouTube content, including a playlist. This is a great way to create interesting and entertaining content on your web page.


Audio is also a great way to entertain your audience. With the help of the Elfsight app Audio Player, you can play your music and in this way make a profit. Music has a very strong influence, so you can send the desired message to your visitors. Be authentic and provide a different experience to your users.


Elfsight provides even 23 Tools. The most popular is Age Verification. With popups for verification, you provide more effective optimization. Also, in this way you make it known that you are responsible and that you take care of law principles. If your business requires a certain age, this Elfsight app is a great choice.

Is Elfsight safe?

According to Trustpilot, Elfsight is a safe platform that you can use with confidence. Its rating is 7.6 out of 10. We’ll agree that’s not a little, right? 

Analyzes have shown that using this platform has no risks. When it comes to security, no particular issues were found. Cloud security has a top score of 10.

When it comes to the privacy policy, Elfsight has a score of 6. User control and opt-out seem to be a bit unclear. Also, there is a transparency limitation.

Is Elfsight free?

You can choose from several Elfsight packs based on your needs. The Lite pack is completely free and refers to the use of one Elfsight widget. This option is great for testing Elfsight widgets as well as for the development stage. But, given that it’s free to use, there are certain limitations. For example, you can install one widget that you have selected on only one website. Also, within the Lite pack, you don’t have support, only bug fixes. Yet, it’s great that Elfsight offers different user options. If you have no experience with this platform before, the free version is a great place to start.

Elfsight pricing

Elfsight offers several payment options depending on the version you choose. Also, the price depends on whether you choose a Single app or All apps pack option.

If you want a single app, you can choose one of 4 versions: Lite, Basic, Pro, or Premium. The price for each of these is different. 

Lite Elfsight option

As already mentioned, only the Lite option is completely free. But, it comes with some limitations. So it’s usually recommended for beginners or those who want to test the Elfsight platform.

Basic Elfsight option

The Basic version offers more. First of all, creating 3 widgets within the selected app. You can use these widgets on an unlimited number of websites. Also, the Basic version includes support and free installation service. The cost of this option is $5 per month.

The Basic pack includes all 84 Elfsight apps and upcoming apps. Of course, you can use them on an unlimited number of websites. A subscription to this package allows you to create three widgets within each app you choose. It also includes support and free installation service. This pack is the best for low-traffic websites. The price of the Basic pack is $15 per month.

Pro Elfsight option

The Pro version is the most popular on the Elfsight platform. This single app subscription allows you to create up to 9 widgets within the chosen app. Of course, you can use them on an unlimited number of websites. This option also includes default support and free installation. The price of the Pro version is $10 per month.

Premium Elfsight option

The Premium is the most expensive within the single app option. Its price is $20 per month. But, within this version, you get significant benefits. As many as 21 widgets within the chosen app and incredible premium support. Of course, free installation service goes without saying.

The largest and the most expensive option is Premium one. It’s best for high-traffic websites. With this pack, you can create 21 widgets within the application. What is special compared to previous packs is the premium support you have at your disposal. This Premium pack costs $60 per month.


Using widgets is without a doubt an effective move in your online business. About your products or services, choose the plugins that would suit you best. Elfsight provides a large number of widgets for different purposes. So, if you want to increase traffic on your website or gain followers, choose widgets that will help you with that. Besides their functionality, widgets contribute to the design of the website and make it more interesting. The visitors’ eye is very sensitive, so choose the plugins that will help you achieve your goals.