10 code snippets for PHP developers

I’ve compiled a small list of some useful code snippets which might help you when writing your PHP scripts… Note: If you are using bluehost coupons guide, you can edit php.ini to reflect the changes below. Email address check Checks for a valid email address using the php-email-address-validationclass. Source and docs: http://code.google.com/p/php-email-address-validation/ include(‘EmailAddressValidator.php’); $validator = new EmailAddressValidator; … Continue reading 10 code snippets for PHP developers

HTML entities within XSL

You want to have in your XSL stylesheet but you’re getting an error, just put these few lines of code at the top, before the tag : <!DOCTYPE xsl:stylesheet [ <!ENTITY nbsp “&#160;”> <!ENTITY AElig “&#198;”> <!ENTITY AMP “&amp;#38;”> <!ENTITY Aacute “&#193;”> <!ENTITY Acirc “&#194;”> <!ENTITY Agrave “&#192;”> <!ENTITY Alpha “&#913;”> <!ENTITY Aring “&#197;”> <!ENTITY … Continue reading HTML entities within XSL