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WP To Top – a WordPress plugin that takes you to the top

About WP To Top

WP To Top is a WordPress plugin that adds a “Back to top” link in your blog without modifying your template files. This is useful especially if you have long posts or long pages. You will have a nice “Back to top” or whatever-text-you-want link floating at the bottom right/left of your page.


  • Smooth scrolling animation and fade in, fade out effect, powered by the YUI library
  • Customizable options via the admin panel, from the text to the position of the link
  • Works on almost all browsers including IE6 (yes!)


You can get the plugin here


You have a demo on this page. Just scroll a little bit and you will see a nice “Take me up” link appearing at the bottom of your page.


  • Extract wptotop.zip in the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory
  • Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress
  • Go to “Settings” and then “WP To Top” to configure the plugin. The options are self explanatory and easy to understand.


I got the inspiration to write this plugin after having a look at David Walsh’s jQuery topLink Plugin. Thanks to the YUI team for the great YUI library and Semih’s Animated Page Scroll with YUI.

twitree.com – see on which leaves the birds are…

I am happy to announce the launch of twitree.com. It’s a twitter application which allows a twitterer to view his followers in a tree-like navigation, which can be expanded.


twitree makes extensive use of the YUI library. The following components were used :

  • grids css – for the layout
  • yahoo dom event – for DOM and event handling
  • connection manager – for AJAX requests like getting the list of followers for a user
  • container family – to display modal dialogs like prompting for a twitter username, displaying the loading panel
  • JSON utility – to parse the JSON data twitree receives from the twitter servers
  • cookie utility – to fetch username information from a cookie so that the user doesn’t have to input his username every time
  • and finally the treeview control which provides a nice tree and dynamically loads the data upon clicking on a node

The application is very much in an initial phase and there are some limitations, like only 100 followers are being returned, rate limiting, etc…

Stay tuned for further information

Latest update :

twitterers can now

  • update their status via twitree
  • follow a user by right clicking on the user and choose “Follow” from the contextual menu
  • send a direct message to a fellow twitterer by right clicking on the user and choose “Send message” from the contextual menu

FAQ has also been added

Alternate colors to table rows with javascript (YUI)

This article will show you how to add alternate colors to table rows without any server side development or hard coding your scripts, thus providing good readability for your users and great flexibility for you. We will use the YUI library for that.
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Bubble menu javascript or playing with YUI’s event delegation

Image courtesy of jobee59′s photostream

Event delegation refers to the use of a single event listener on a parent object to listen for events happening on its children (or deeper descendants). Event delegation allows developers to be sparse in their application of event listeners while still reacting to events as they happen on highly specific targets. This proves to be a key strategy for maintaining high performance in event-rich web projects, where the creation of hundreds of event listeners can quickly degrade performance. More on event delegation including examples.

This post illustrates the use of event delegation to create a “bubble” menu, inspired by Bedrich Rios’ post on Nettuts.
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Pixidou – an Open Source AJAX Image Editor (PHP and YUI based)

Pixidou is a new open source AJAX image editor which will allow you to :

  • adjust brightness
  • adjust contrast
  • cropping
  • flipping
  • negative
  • resizing
  • rotating
  • tint

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AJAX image cropper with YUI and PHP

This post will show you how to build an AJAX crop image tool using the image cropper control from YUI library and PHP.

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Show/hide containers by only adding CSS classes without writing javascript code (YUI-based)

This post will show you how to add the collapse/expand functionality in your HTML pages, perfect for FAQs by only adding two class names to your existing page and including the scripts below. Of course it’s all YUI-based and also a demo of the fantastic YUI selector utility.

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nouzil.com – a new Mauritian portal on the web (YUI-based)

I came to know the existing of a new Mauritian portal via Avinash called nouzil (which means our island in creole) and I must say at first look it reminds me of Netvibes a lot. I think the nouzil.com team picked up some bits and pieces from Netvibes.com. »Read More

YUI-based alert box – replace your ugly javascript alert box

This tutorial will explain how you can override the default alert box of your browser, without modifying your existing code and by adding 2 lines of javascript code.

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f-lv.com – download YouTube videos in FLV/MP4/3GP format


After playing with the YouTube API and Python over the past week, I’am pleased to announce the launch of f-lv.com

You will be able to :

  • download your favorite YouTube videos in FLV/MP4 format
  • email the video download link to your friend
  • have a look at a nice carousel (thanks Bill for that) with the latest downloaded videos

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