– adaptive image resizing for mobile devices

I am happy to announce the launch of imgbleis a web-based utility that formats a specified image to best fit in different mobile screens. Those who work with mobile CMS, rendering image for the mobile devices into suitable format and dimension is obviously a big point to be considered which consumes a big portion of the development time. Based on the mobile device’s screen resolution, imgble automatically resizes your image, keeping its aspect ratio. imgble also supports the chaining of different effects on your image, such as blurring, adding borders, rotating, etc. You can find everything in the documentation.

So let me know your views, comments, and how imgble will be useful to you ;)

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Comments (4)

  1. 3:02 pm, October 19, 2010Lucas  / Reply

    Wow that is a great tool, we need to start thinking ahead with mobile systems

  2. 5:02 pm, October 26, 2010Cincinnati Web Design  / Reply

    It is amazing how much the web is moving to mobile. This is a great article. Thanks for the info!

  3. 12:42 am, December 22, 2010Nico  / Reply

    I like it, it’s a good tool for us.

  4. 9:04 pm, February 5, 2011nico  / Reply

    thanks for this post, it’s a good tool.

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